These articles can be orded additionally or as a replacement.

Power measurement wire for PVPM, 1000V, 20A/40A

4-wire-measurement cable (set red/black) for PVPM, 1000V, 1.5mm²/2.5mm²,length 10m (other on request). This cable connects the PVPM device for the measurement with the module or string under test.

Order No.: (20A): PVPM-AK1000/1.5

Order No.: (40A): PVPM-AK1000/2.5

Cable extension 4-wire 1000V 20A/40A

Extension (set red/black) for the 4-wire-measurement cable of the PVPM 1000V, 20A/40A 1.5mm²/2.5mm². No adjustment necessary at the PVPM due to 4-wire-system. Standard length 10m, other dimensions on request.

Order No. (20A): PVPM-AKV/1.5

Order No. (40 A): PVPM-AKV/2.5

Temperature surface sensor Pt100 (RTD)

Temperature surface sensor PT100 for the measurement of the back surface temperature of the module under test, stainless steel housing, aluminium mounting plate, temperature range -30°C bis +105°C, accurracy according to DIN 1/3 B. cable 10m (other lengths on request).

Order No.: PVPM-Pt100-OFS/10

Generator software for measurement reports

This report generator will automatically fill predined documents with selected measured data and results.

The document templates may be designed with common word processors, which are able to create RTF files.

Order No.: PVPM-Report

Extension cable for PT100 surface sensor

The extension cable for the external Pt100 surface temperature sensor can be used if the standard cable (10m) are too short for the respective application.

The total length of the sensor cable should not exceed 25m.

Order No.: PVPM-SKV 4

Extension cable for PVPM combined sensor

The cable extension for the PVPM combined sensor can be ordered with a length up to 15m (the whole cable should not exceed a total length of 25m).

Order No.: PVPM-SKV 8

PELI-Case 1650

The PELI Case 1650, equipped with an adjustable foam inlet, is a special padded transport case for PVPM devices and accessory.

Dimensions: inside:
725mm x 445mm x 270 mm
802mm x 520mm x 316mm

Weight: about 13kg

Order No.: PELI Case 1650

ISET Sensor (mono-/polycrystalline/amorphous)

If required several other commercially available irradiance reference sensors may be attached to the PVPM, for example the sensors series "ISET-Sensor". These sensors are available in several cell technologies (for example mono-, polycrystalline, amorphous). The length of the lead is 10m (other size on request).

Order No.: ISET-Senor mono/poly/aSi

Aluminium accessory case

The aluminium accessory case for the PVPM:

  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Two locks for safe shipping
  • Stable aluminium frame
  • Inside foam padded

PELI Padlock TSA

1506TSA Peli™Lock is constructed of stainless steel and brass. This lock features a resetable combination for easy user code memorization and access. It is recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This lock allows travelers to lock their cases or any luggage and allow TSA inspectors easy access without breaking the lock.(in the USA). Fitting for larger Peli Cases.

Weight: ca. 0.1kg

Order No.: PELI Case Lock